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Available to fully customize your structure, our upgrades will make your project have a vast life spam and add more character to your personal piece of paradise. If you have an idea on how you will want yours to look please contact us, we'll be more than willing to give it a shot and make it happen. 


Giving sturdiness and clean look the nylon support netting helps get the most life out of your new thatch,


A solid sub-roof with woven matted interior making it 100% watertight and perfect to install over an outdoor kitchen or to protect televisons, radio recievers, speakers, etc.


Different woven sizes and colors available.


Unique hand carved column poles offered in custom color staining (Rainforest green, Mahogany red, Brazilian Teak, Clear coated) or fully roped.


Interior frame can also be color stained.


For a Class-A or Class-B rating and Certificate, we send our thatch to our treatment company, where is treated and giving you a certified copy of application.


We also sell this product in 1 gallon and 5 gallon presentation for self applications.


We are able to install pre-wired conduits for ceiling fans, light fixtures or special electrical installations.



Our in-line blinds or our custom made blinds and walls make your palapa more intimate and enjoyable. 


Decorative handcrafts like tiki masks, signs and tropical birds and much more. At Palapa Depot we  strive to offer you the best quality in our products, always looking for novelties that will add color and fun to your new oasis.


Attached redwood countertops and tables are installed at a desired heigth to lounge, dine or at bar level. 


Also offered in different finishes and designs.


Please give us a call for more information of visit our shop and take a look at our products.

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