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At Palapa Depot we don't beat prices, we beat quality!
Huts & railing

Synthetic Baja thatch wth waterproofed roof, approved by most HOA's, fireproofed optional.

Single Pole Palapa

Our most popular and versatile product. Single or in bundle of numbers and or sizes help create unique spaces that will complement your existing landscape.

Happy life

Palapa Structures are a great solution to outdoor kitchens, bars and BBQ. Areas can be subdivided underneath the structure, making the extreme weather of Las Vegas more bearable

Any shape

Any shape, any size, anywhere. BBQ bundles are a great addition to your outdoor living project. We can adapt to an existing project.


We can design and install in any shape, material or budget, even with existing equipment.

2 Pole Palapa (Cancún)

2 Pole palapa umbrella - Cancún style, over existing BBQ. African Reed thatch. Option also available in synthetic.

2 Pole Cancun over BBQ bar

2 Pole Cancun umbrella over BBQ grill & bar, offered in artificial Baja Style thatch. Synthetic Baja thatch

Jacuzzi Enclosure

Palapa over pool jacuzzi, offers shade and privacy. It can be prewired for a fan installation. Synthetic Baja Thatch

Jacuzzi Encloure

Palapa enclosure over ground jacuzzi, offers shade and privacy


BBQ/TV WALL/FIREPLACE We can design and adapt to existing place and materials.

Prefab Fireplace

Prefab fireplace over Catalina Grana pavers by Belgard Certified installers.

BBQ with firepit peninsula

Custom pre-fab BBQ with bar height fire pit peninsula. Natural stone tile and stucco wall finish.

BBQ with double grill

Double grilled peninsula with marble counter top. Pre-assembled at shop to cut times on installations. Wide variety of finishes available.


Custom pre-fab firepit with black strayed marble box

BBQ Island with basic layout

Pre-manufactured BBQ Island with waterfall edges. Vast variety of high end equipment and custom finishes and materials, we can adapt any style that you are looking for.

Metal base for single poles

Reinforced, oxidized for finish and sealed. Custom color and finishes available by request.

11ft Single pole umbrella

Metal base over existing pool table

Dry creek river bed

Dry creek river bed, formed with 3-5ft granite boulders, blended with our own hand selected beach pebbles (1/2-1", 1-2", 3-5").

Pool Umbrella

Single pole palapa umbrella - Over pool table

Bocce ball court

Bocce ball court 6X36' Wood frame (cut/prep/stabilized) with a gravel sublayer and decomposed granite surface. Blend of seashell also available for top line finish.

2 Pole Cancun

Gorilla Thatch with roped poles.

2 Pole Cancun hut

Underneath a Gorilla thatch oval shaped palapa

Gorilla single poles

10-15 years natural lifespan on thatch.

2 Pole Cancun

Oval shaped palapa

Waterproofed Subroof

3 layered solid sub-roof can be installed under any type of thatch.

Rectangle Palapa hut

Rectangle palapa hut with nylon netting.

Nylon netting underlayer

Helps prevent natural sagging of thatch.

L Shaped palapa

Excellent choice for corners!

Double single pole umbrellas

Combination of sizes over BBQ island

Under an L shaped palapa!
Multiple palapas

18ft round single pole over BBQ counter top. Single pole on edge for dining.

8ft Baj Single pole

Baja thatch, single pole umbrella with 20 inch redwood table

Swirl Mosaic table

Swirls mosaic tables can be color customized.

Custom tables

Mosaic tables are great upgrades to personalize you palapa structure. Each table and countertop is unique and made to order in any size, shape, pattern.

Varnished Redwood Table

Tables can be in different size and height.

Redwood tables

Varnished redwood tables Resurfacing of tables also offered

8ft Single pole Baja Thatch

Small palapas can help create focus in certain areas in gardens. Tables available in different sizes and can be installed in different heights.

African Reed single pole!

Umbrella with a table

Waterproofed single pole

3 layered roof top, African Reed thath & Redwood table

20ft Round Hut

Waerproofed, handcarved faux bamboo poles.

Single Pole African Reed Umbrella

Umbrella over outdoor shower area

Umbrella over BBQ

African Reed umbrella over BBQ Island.

2 Pole umbrella

Oval shaped top, African Reed thatch with Redwood tables on each pole.

Single pole & hut

Duo combinations of sizes help create deepness and perspective on your projects.


Awnings, gables. "A" frame tops.

Fun combination!

L Shaped palapa & single pole umbrella. African Reed thatch.


Footrest for single pole palapas.

Sitting under a palapa

Add-on tables for palapas.

18 ft single pole umbrella

Big palapas

Single pole umbrella with table

Baja thatch umbrella are great additions to your pool area.

Artificial thatch

20 years warranty thru manufacturer, this thatch is a great option for strict HOAs.

Custom towel dispenser

For commercial or residential use we are able to design and create custom structures and accessories: towel dispensers, changing rooms, check in stands, etc.

Shade your jacuzzi!

Square top palapa over Jacuzzi. Provides great livable shade to be able to enjoy your water feature.

Gorilla single poles umbrellas

10-15 years natural lifespan on this thatch. Gorilla or Fiji style thatch will provide long lasting shade.

Multiple single pole palapas

Overlaying palapas in different sizes

Personalize your structure

Decks, railings, steps, accesories, we can customize products.

Custom Structures

We can adapt our structures to your existing or planned landscape design.

Railing Design

Accessorize your palapa with railings, decks, curtains.

3 Single pole palapa umbrellas

Gorilla or Fiji thatch is a ticker natural layer that will provide a good shade under hot weather. You will feel a couple of degrees cooler.

Gorrila Single poles

Single poles can be arranged in one area with different heights and sizes.

African Reed palapa hut

Clean cut design, African Reed structures enhance your backyard complementing your landscape.

Artificial African Reed ubrella

Artificial African Reed is a great option for strict HOAs, 20 years manufacturer warranty,

Under an "L" shaped palapa!

Full coverage over your Barbeque and for your entertaining are.

Mobile Palapas

Offered only in 8ft and 9ft single poles. This palapa can be used for props in conventions, also convenient for renters.

"L" Shaped Palapa

This option lets you have more functional shade over your BBQ/Bar area.

Single Pole umbrella with table

Single poles are great additions to your garden, tables can be in different sizes and heights.

California Room Palapa Top

Great option for open spaces!

Single Pole with table

Tables are offered in different sizes and can be adjusted to dining table, bar or long chair height.

Double Single Pole

Palapas can be combine in different sizes and height to ad balance in your project.

Rectangular Baja shade!

Baja style rectangular palapa. This structure has a 14' x 16' roof span. It has been framed in standard pressure treated round lumber. It has upgraded interior heavy duty netting to give it that extra strength for our strong Las Vegas desert winds. Netting the structure also allows heat in the hot summer months to rise and filter threw the roof, giving you a more pleasant environment to relax.

African Reed Cancun

African Reed roof 2 pole pill shaded Cancun style. This 11' x 23' structure has an upgraded waterproof interior with decorative woven matting, upgraded rope wrapped poles and pre-wired conduit for lighting.

Cancun style!

Oval roof 2 pole palapa. This is a 9' x 18' gabled roof with round ends. It has Baja hand woven thatch, netted under that thatch for extra support and standard pressure treated framing

Single pole Baja umbrella

Single pole palapa umbrella over swim up bar. This is a 9' diameter Baja handwoven thatch umbrella with support netting and standard pressure treated framing.

Gorilla thatch single pole

Gorilla thatch single pole palapa over Bbq island. This is an 11' diameter roof umbrella. Gorilla thatch tile thatch roof, standard pressure treated framing and netting interior.

Palapa over sunken bar

Palapa over sunken swim up bar. This is a 14' Diameter round roof constructed on a 4 column base frame. It has a Baja style hand woven thatch roof, standard pressured framing, pre-wired for a ceiling fan and column poles are finished off with full rope wraps

Palapa umbrella over BBQ

Our palapas structures can be adapted to BBQ islands or bars near a pool. We have a bast structural experience that backs us up. (Single pole umbrella, African reed thatch, fully roped pole)

Eagle nest palapa hut

The coolest boat house at the lake! Our palapa huts (also known as tiki huts) are carefully design to out stand different weather conditions, the upgrades offered will help extend the life span of the structure.

Single pole umbrella

Our most popular product, also offered in DIY kits for those weekend warriors. (Single pole umbrella, Double layered Baja thatch, netted, Red wood table upgrade)

Back yard paradise

Backyard design can be complemented by one of our palapa structures, we offer upgrades and decorations to personalize every project. (4 pole round hut, African reed thatch, hand carved poles, water resistant matted sub-roof, conduit prepared for electrical installations)

Palapa Structure over waters

An out of the ordinary place to build a palapa, this project was challenging but we hit it in the right spot. (4 pole square hut, African reed thatch, hand carved poles, water resistant sub-roof, Brazilian teak stained structure)

2 Pole Cancun style

This is a Cancun style 9' x 18' Baja thatch palapa with round ends. It has upgraded staining on the frame work, hand carved column poles that mimics bamboo and support netting under that thatch

C'est la vie palapa structure

Out of the ordinary for an extraordinary client! (4 pole square hut, African reed thatch, hand carved poles, water resistant sub-roof)

Gorilla thatch pool shades!

One of the long lasting thatches, traditional look is almost 100% waterproof. Also known as Fiji thatch.

Modern palapa hut

Our signature hand carved poles mimic the beauty of bamboo but are structural as wood. Each pole is one of a kind and made to order. (4 pole round hut, African reed thatch, hand carved carved poles, water resistant sub-roof, Brazilian teak stained)

Palapa Structure over water

Tiki bar over a boat? Sure why not! We can build and design with a unique plan to fit your style. (4 pole square hut, Baja thatch, hand carved poles, water resistant sub-roof)

Custom palapa roofing

We are able to adapt, change and create different structures for residential or commercial, we have vast experience in the trade and are always looking to create new designs (Custom structure roof, netting, Baja thatch)

Lifeguard tiki hut

We can create a functional structure for any residential or commercial need. This hut can be adapted to a close changing room or ad shelf for storage. (4 pole round hut, African Reed Thatch, water resistant sub-roof, matted privacy wall, "U" shaped bar height counter top, clear stained structure)

Store display palapa structure

We can design store and convention displays according to project requirements, we have a vast experience on commercial structures.

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