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We are a highly  skilled and experienced building company specializing in tiki huts, palapas, and shade structures, offering our services on new construction, rethatches or custom builds.

There are 3 ways to contact us:

  1. Call us at (702)432-1986

  2. Send us an email at:

  3. Visit us at our new showroom located in 4510 W. Diablo Dr., SUITE 110, Las Vegas, NV 89118


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We have a great variety of pre-designed structures to fit your project, from the single pole to the big huts complementing your garden, bbq, pool, restaurant or sportsbar.We can create and install a palapa style shade structure for you in any shape, color or texture you can imagine. DIY basic shape kits are also available to you if your a weekend warrior that enjoys doing projects yourself. 

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Have an idea for that special place? We have a vast experience on structure building and are able to either design or collaborate with you on the projection of a new structure.


We are able to adapt, change or propose a design to your specifications. If you are a landscape or architectural firm that wishes to collaborate please contact us, we are open to new ideas and proposals. 

Tired of that opaque looking thatch on your existing palapa? We are able to supply you the material or provide rethatching. Your quote will include removing the existing palm and disposing of it, making minor adjustments to the existing frame and correctly installing your new palm thatch.


Thatch available options are the Baja Thatch, African Reed, Gorilla and synthethic, all of them can be fireproofed upon request at additional cost. Please give us a call to schedule a FREE IN-HOME estimate or fill up our:


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Over time Redwood tables need to be resurfaced down to the grain to re-enhance it's natural beauty, 

Service  requires for us to pick up the table and take it to our workshop, sanding, and coat it up to 7 layers of varnish, and re-installing table on your palapa. 

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Some palapas sizes may require a permit, particularly if the structure includes certain types of electrical work, solid roofing or other, we are happy to collaborate with your engineer or architect if a palapa is to be built by our company.


A proposal will be provided based upon the approved project. Please note that detailed specs or drawings are not available for projects that have not been finalized. For Homeowner Association review, we can provide a cover letter, along with your proposal.


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