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About our PALAPA KITS!

1.- What´s included  in  the kit?

Assembly instructions, pre-marked and drilled wooden frame, pressure treated wood, a double layer of pre-woven, easy to install woven palm thatch, hardware, and assembly instructions. For your convenience, a small amount of additional wood will be included in the kit..

2.- Is the wood uniform in color/texture? 

No. The palapas are meant to appear somewhat rustic, rough and slightly imperfect. The few visible cracks and variance in wood hue add to the desire effect, a beautiful, authentic palapa.

3.- Is it hard to build my own palapa?

The single pole palapa is the easiest to build. A handy person, comfortable with the use of a hand drill and staple gun should have no trouble following the instructions to put together a palapa. The pre-woven thatching is easy to install. The 4 poles round “Huts” are somewhat more complicated and require two people to put them together, but our 

4.- What if the palapa is bigger or smaller than I had envisioned?

Be sure of the size that you choose, as the palapas are not returnable items. You might want to mark out the size to help you imagine how it will look when complete.

5.- How tall are the palapas?

The highest point ranges from approximately 8’7” for smaller palapas up to about 10’ to 10-1/2’ for larger single pole palapas. Head clearance varies from 6’8” to about 7'. Traditional woven “Baja” thatch will hang slightly below the rim.

6.-  How to  measure the  diameter?

Is measured across the palapa, rim-to-rim. 

7.- Would the palapas withstand heavy winds?

The woven thatch on properly installed palapas holds up well in heavy winds up to 75 m/h – tiny woven holes permit air circulation and will “breathe” with the wind instead of fighting it as canvas or metal does

8.- Is it safe to  put a palapa over a BBQ?

Yes, and it does requieres safety planing of the location where si going to be placed, we do recomend geting it fire treated either by our company or by purchasing the fire retardant separately, visit our shop to get it online. 

9.- What sizes are offered for a  DIY palapa kit?

We offer this kits in a 8 foot and 9 foot umbrella structure, Baja thatch and netting included. For our 4 pole round huts, this kits are offered in 11 foot and 12 foot options, with Baja thatch and netting included also. 

10.- Can I order a  custom DIY palapa kit?

No.  On the kits you can "customize it" with come of the upgrades we offer (hand carved pole, stain color of pole, or upgrade it with a table, this only applies for the  DIY kits, and not for the palapas installed by us, we can build and install a custom design palapa according to your needs, but this  custom estructures do have a increase in prices.

11.- Can anyone install  any of your palapas?

Our DIY kits come with easy to follow instructions, but the larger the size of the palapa it does add complexity for the installation.  If you are worried about the installation, you can have a local contactor, landsaper or handyman do the service for you, If you have any questions about intallation please give us a call. 

12.- Do the palapa kits have any warranty?

Yes, each kit has a limited warranty which covers all structural materials and hardware. However the thatch is not covered in the warranty.


13.- What about permits and  Home Owner´s Associations?

Some palapas sizes may require a permit, particularly if the structure includes certain types of electrical work, solid roofing or other - if in doubt, we suggest that you check with your local authorities prior to ordering your palapa. For a modest retainer fee, we are happy to collaborate with your engineer or architect, if the palapa is to be built by our company. A final proposal will be provided based upon the approved project. Please note that detailed specs or drawings are not available for projects that have not been finalized. For Homeowner Association review, we can provide a cover letter, along with your proposal.


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